Are you ready to #ServeNYC?

Service is what we do. It's about helping others, building capacity, and nourishing the soul.
NYC is iconic. It's a unique place, like no other, with unique challenges and endless opportunities.
Embrace our City and share your passion for service.
Do more, be more. Join NYC Service Year.

Current Number of NYC Service Year Members
"The biggest impact national service has is developing the next generation of leaders. Service programs in NYC, and around the country, change the lives of the many people they serve. Communities that are often forgotten or are broadcast in a negative light, receive the help they need, as well as renewed hope."
Uthman Olowa
NYC Service Year Alum ~ Public Allies New York

By dedicating a year of service to New York City, you can join a cohort of thousands of leaders and young professionals who are using their professional skills to create lasting, positive change through NYC Service Year. NYC Service Year members are part of not just a community of over 30 service year programs, but also a citywide movement to expand service year programming across the five boroughs. During an era where our nation is divided, service years bind together young people of different backgrounds through a common cause, forging them into leaders. You have the power to weave our communities together and address pressing, local issues.


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